Communications - a decisive success factor

Strategic advisory

Your reputation is based on a credible positioning and a coherent communication strategy. We work with you on your positioning and jointly develop a strategy with which you can effectively manage the reputation of your company. We think in terms of implementation: strategic measures must be realisable on a wide range of channels - digital and offline.

Media relations

With a targeted approach to media relations we help you build your reputation, place your key spokespersons and make your services visible in the right places. To do this, we put our network at the service of your cause. The currency of our work is the trust of clients and journalists alike.

Capital market communications

For many companies, a strong presence on the capital market is a decisive factor for their success. We navigate the challenges with you, ensure the success of your capital management and M&A transactions and help you strengthen the dialogue with investors. Sensitivity and determination characterise our approach.

Transformation & Leadership

Transformation is becoming an enduring challenge task and the ability to change a key asset. You want to convince your boards and committees to make capital expenditures? Or you look to persuade executives to follow a tough change roadmap? All of that requires a comms approach that is well thought-out. This is about more than facts, namely people’s motivations and needs... We support you in striking the right tone and orchestrating your dialogue with internal and external stakeholders.

Public affairs

Would you like to push forward a political agenda? We get your issue talked about with the right people, get you on stage at the key events, represent your issue in the financial community. We develop topics and messages, write white papers and speeches, prepare you for speaking in the public.