Bespoke advide, highest quality standards

We are a communications consultancy with a clear focus on finance. We work for banks and financial service providers, but also for companies in other sectors and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) when financial topics play a role.

What makes us unique is our set-up. We are a boutique. As owners and entrepreneurs, we - only ourselves - work with our clients and for their success every day. This setup has three key advantages:

Quality. With us, your partner-level contact person is available to you at all times - for every issue and on every topic. In addition, as entrepreneurs, we all personally vouch for the advisory services we deliver. We are successful when you are.

Strategic competencies plus hands-on implementation. We deliver convincing strategies and their efficient implementation from a single source. We are just as experienced as sparring partners for top managers as we are as pacesetters for communication campaigns and writers. We have learned our trade and never forgotten it. We do work ourselves. Every day.

Network. Over many years we have earned trust and built relationships. We know which contacts to make, we know the rules of the game - and we also know where caution is called for. After all, as entrepreneurs, we are personally responsible for what we do and how we do it.