Content marketing & editorial services

A good product needs to have a good story behind it! What story do your salespeople tell to engage customers? We give advice on which marketing materials best serve your purpose. We draw up texts for newsletters and design appealing company brochures. We coordinate the launch of a new product or brand, or new market entry strategies.

Strategy, media relations, social media

Your reputation is founded on credible market positioning that works for all your target groups and channels. Together, we develop a communications strategy and identify the media channels best suited to your business. Whether by means of an article in a trade journal or a targeted LinkedIn post, we use our journalistic acumen and writing skills to create visibility for you in major newspapers, trade media and social media. And should sensitive issues arise, we handle your crisis communication.

Agenda setting & public affairs

Perhaps you are looking for supporters to back an initiative or are keen to draw attention to a specific issue? Or you would like to contribute to public debate? We position your concerns with relevant opinion makers, arrange for your attendance at leading events and make sure your voice is heard within the financial community. We draw up themes and messages, formulate discussion papers and speeches, help you prepare for public appearances. If necessary, we create suitable platforms and keep them running.